All of our LED Strips from PipeDream come on a flexible circuit with an adhesive backing.
They are customizable from 3 inches and longer.

Durability, energy efficiency, and practically maintanance free, makes this product
ideal for many types of applications.

Pipe Dream 7 Color LED Flexible Strip

0.8cm wide, 0.2cm Height
• Color: 7 Color
• Size: 16’/ 480cm

Easy To Use:
• A clearly marked line shows exactly
were to cut
• 24 key super thin IR remote controller
allows user to conveniently set colors
and control patterns
• Create a stunning light show on your
motorcycle, car, truck, boat- just
about anything.

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Pipe Dream Underbody LED Kit

LED Underbody Kit with
7 changing colors


• 2 x 48" Tubes Control Module
• 2 x 36" Tubes Control Module
• Built-In Music Sensor

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